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49 Temple Street

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Established in August 2017, Mao Shan Wang Cafe is the first of its kind to serve the king of fruits in Singapore. Constantly pushing boundaries between sweet and savory with careful research and experimentation, the cafe offers its customers creative and unusual durian delicacies that will not be found anywhere else -- all made fresh from durians delivered daily straight from the hilltops of Raub Pahang, Malaysia. From the time it opened, Mao Shan Wang Cafe has already garnered widespread acclaim from various media publications. Strategically located in the heart of Chinatown, a visit to Mao Shan Wang Cafe not only allows you to indulge in exquisite durian creations, you will also immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage that is uniquely Singaporean. We promise your experience with us will leave you feeling delighted and fulfilled. 

Our Story

Our Founder

Victor Chan

A visionary and the creative force behind Four Seasons Durians, Victor Chan has been responsible for taking the business from its humble beginnings as a durian stall along Thomson Road to where it is today. A baking instructor by profession, Victor created the well-loved durian pancake that has gained prominence in Singapore. From this signature product, he has continuously experimented and created even more popular durian-themed delicacies ranging from sweets such as cakes and ice cream to savory dishes including the famous Mao Shan Wang pizza! With an ever-growing array of menu items that satisfy contemporary tastes, one thing that has remained consistent is Victor’s commitment to product excellence. Customers are assured of the freshest ingredients and highest standards of quality in every bite of Four Seasons products.



"The dip was creamy, but not extremely gooey, and adhered well to the nuggets, so we didn't need to dip it more than once."


"Craving some durian? Whatever you're in the mood for, your needs will be well taken care of at Mao Shan Wang Cafe!"

"We enjoyed it mostly because the puree was good - so good that we ate some on its own"

“The industrial-themed cafe is a great place to stop by for afternoon tea or just whenever you are craving for the kind of fruits at any time of the year. Yes, you no longer have to wait for the annual durian season to have as taste of this luxurious fruit”

“Just remember: don’t go too crazy or you’ll end up with a durian-induced food coma.”